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Leader Relief

We believe that pastoral ministry can be one of the loneliest callings that someone can walk in. Most pastors have no one to speak with about their own struggles and failings, in fear that they will lose their church, ministry, or family. One main focus of our vision at Christ Connection, is to provide a safe place for these leaders to come and receive healing and restoration from the stresses and demands of ministry.


We are in the process of purchasing land in Gatlinburg, TN with hopes to build a cabin in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. We want to offer a safe place, and safe ear, for these pastors or leaders to come, free of charge, to begin the healing process, or simply come to allow our Father to fill them back up, surrounded by His creation, so they are more able to pour out to those they have been called to love.


If you are a pastor, or you are someone who would like to donate toward this vision, please contact us for more information.

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